At Lux Dry Cleaners, pristine is a daily standard. Impeccable is just another expectation. Why? Because we know that in a city like ours, appearance means everything and it all starts with that crisp, white, unblemished shirt or blouse. And it’s our responsibility to ensure that your personal items look as close to perfect as possible. Being completely focused on your total satisfaction, we never cut corners, nor do we ever compromise our standards. We are NYC’s most dependable dry cleaners.

With pickup and delivery available anywhere in the city, a team of expert tailors available for alterations, and cleaning services for a variety of personal items, including many that our competition won’t touch, we aim to be your favored NYC dry cleaning and laundry professionals.

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With a focus that has always been keenly aimed at providing unparalleled dry cleaning and laundry services, we strive to exceed all of our customers’ expectations – in every way possible. It is our goal to make your laundry and cleaning as convenient as possible, as we promise prompt pickup and delivery of all personal items. Using eco-friendly materials and solvents, we work to protect our local environment. With one of the longest list of cleaning services available, we are simply the smart choice for dry cleaning and laundry in New York City. Whatever your need is, we’ve got this.


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So much more than your average NYC dry cleaner, we deliver the level of quality and service that New Yorkers have come to expect. Restoring the pristine appearance to just about all of your personal items, from your shirts to your shoes, our crew never settle for less. And neither should you.

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Yes, we will pick up just one shirt for cleaning. Yes, we know how to clean UGGS. Yes, we do clean both leather and fur. Just ask. If you have any item that needs special attention – just ask. It’s why we’re here. Contact us today for any dry or wet cleaning need and let us show you just how far we’ll go to satisfy you.

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After several years of serving the residents of New York with superior dry cleaning, we have become the preferred cleaners for all five boroughs. Picking up and delivering your personal items anywhere on the island, we go above and beyond in order to satisfy all of your dry cleaning needs.


Learn about our price list, our incredible team, stellar customer service, and then try us oaut for yourself. We’re known for our expertise in cleaning as well as our unparalleled attention to customers’ needs.

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Edward Yusupov

One of the best dry cleaners in Queens area! Very fast, clean and affordable!!! Definitely will suggest and recommend!

Danny D

love the job,and love the price too :} i wish you guys open early on Sunday :}

Marlen Mustafaev

NY Organic Cleaners was the best service we ever got from anyone in this space – worth every penny and then some. Plus peace of mind that my job was done right.

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