Dry Cleaning Services Rego Park, NY

If you are like most people today, you are constantly on-the-go. Everybody has a hectic schedule, and at times, that can make us forget to catch up on our daily chores like laundry and dry cleaning. That’s why for people who seem to have no free time on their hands turn to 24-hour dry cleaning to get their garments properly taken care of.

At Lux Dry Cleaning & Alterations, we offer 24/7 dry cleaning throughout the Queens County, Rego Park, Forest Hills, and the surrounding metro area. What makes us the best dry cleaner in the area is that we are eco-friendly dry cleaners who are ahead of the curve when it comes to organic dry cleaning, and we offer dry cleaning delivery service right to your front doorstep.

Whether you need one-day dry cleaning, next-day dry cleaning, or a dry cleaner open on Sunday, Lux Dry Cleaning & Alteration is there for you. The benefits of a 24-hour dry cleaner are endless. If you are looking for suit cleaners in the area that can offer dry wash service at your leisure, then you are in luck with Lux!

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Best Dry Cleaner in New York City Area

We understand that the people in New York have specific needs when it comes to their dry cleaning services. That’s why at Lux Dry Cleaning & Alterations we offer a wide variety of services. One of the most commonly requested is our dry cleaning delivery service. This is available for both our private and corporate customers. Regardless of the time of day, our dry wash services are always available for you. Simply order online, place all the items you want our environmentally-friendly dry cleaning professionals to take care of in a bag, and we’ll be right by to pick it up and deliver it back in no time. As a same-day service dry cleaner, you can have one-day dry cleaning.

Natural Dry Cleaners in Queens County

Making sure you have 24/7 dry cleaning available in Rego Park or Forest Hills is just as important to us as making sure we remain an environmentally-friendly dry cleaning service. We only use proven, eco-friendly cleaning solvents and water-conserving techniques, to make sure we do our part as an eco-friendly dry cleaners. If you are looking for a 24-hour dry cleaner who prides themselves on customer service and “going green” with organic dry cleaning, call Lux Dry Cleaning & Alterations today.

24-Hour Dry Cleaning from Lux Dry Cleaning

Whether you have just one shirt or pair of pants that need next-day dry cleaning, or you need our suit cleaners to provide suit dry cleaning, a member of the Lux team will come and pick up your garments anywhere in New York’s five boroughs. No contract is necessary to take advantage of this great service!

After a long week at work, many of us like to enjoy the weekend with family and friends and be able to decompress for a couple of days. If you suddenly remember that you need suit dry cleaning, and you need it to be done by within a couple of hours to have ready for your important meeting, we suggest using a same-day service dry cleaners like Lux. Whether you are looking for dry cleaners open on Sunday or natural dry cleaners who use the safest solvents, you can find it all at Lux Dry Cleaning & Alterations.