Dry Cleaning: How Often is Too Often?

It is important to dry clean your clothes every now and then for the crisp and fresh look which is often not attainable when you do the laundry at home. Most people in New York City, however, have concerns pertaining to dry cleaning. Residents of the five boroughs are not sure if dry cleaning is doing their clothes more harm than good.

Here’s what you should know about dry cleaning:

Does dry cleaning have any disadvantages?

Even though dry cleaning is often the best way to keep your clothing clean and looking fresh as new, but sending your clothing to the dry cleaners near you too often can be dangerous. A liquid solvent is used to remove marks and odors whenever your clothes are sent for dry cleaning. If you get your clothes dry cleaned too often, the solvent being used can potentially strip your suits or other clothing of natural oils. This can result in your clothes drying out and becoming damaged permanently.

How often should clothes be dry cleaned?

Dry cleaning should only be opted for when extremely necessary. This means that your clothes should not be sent to dry cleaners near you unless there are any evident marks, stains or odors which necessitate cleaning. If your clothes are sent for dry cleaning after every wear or two, you might not be able to don your favorite outfit many more times.

What should be done between dry cleanings?

Small marks and slight odors are inevitable, but there are still some things you can do to remove them between dry cleanings. Investing in good quality suit brushes to brush your clothing every now and then is a great way to make them look fresh at all times. Small marks can also be spot cleaned using a damp cloth to make sure that you don’t have any visible stains when you need to wear your outfit next.

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