Four Things You Should Know When Getting Your Suit Tailored

For special events and occasions, you want a sharp, polished look, so you’ve gone out and purchased a new suit off-the-rack. While the suit itself may look nice, it doesn’t hang to your body well. Maybe the pant legs or jacket sleeves are too long, or the entire suit is a little too big and needs to be taken in. If you’re new to getting your dress clothes custom tailored, it can be overwhelming at first to understand suit terminology. As experts in custom tailoring and organic dry cleaning in Queens County, Lux Dry Cleaning can help you explain to your tailor exactly what you want the next time you’re having your suit tailored.

What to Tell Your Tailor:

  • If your sleeves are too long – Most suit aficionados recommend that the sleeve of the suit hit just above your shirt cuff. In measurements, this would be ¼ to ½ inch above the cuff. When asking your tailor to shorten the sleeve, use the term “bring up.” So, you would say, “Can you bring up my sleeve ¼ to ½ above my shirt cuff?” This way you can efficiently describe to your tailor precisely what you want.
  • If your pants are too long – There are different styles for different tastes. Pant legs that are too long are not a good look, but did you know that you have several options for making them shorter? You can choose if you want them cuffed or uncuffed, tapered or untapered, with a quarter break, a half break, full, or no break at all.
  • If your pants are too big – When the pants of the suit are loose-fitting, it’s best to know your waist measurements so that the tailor can customize it to your size. When asking for alterations to loose pants, ask your tailor to “bring in the waist.”
  • If your pants are too small – Though a difficult fix, it can be done — sometimes. If there is extra fabric within the pants, the tailor can “let out the waist” about a ½ to a full size up.

Being able to describe to your tailor what you want out of your suit will help them to get you your desired look.

Use Lux Dry Cleaning and Alterations for the next time you need a custom tailored suit. We are a high quality, affordable service and offer much more than just 24/7 dry cleaning in Queens County. Give us a call at 718-459-7770 or contact us online.

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