The Definitive Guide to Natural Laundry Detergents

We’ve all heard of the majestic cleaning powers of household items like baking soda and vinegar. But just how effective are these substances in stain removal?

Read on to find out what you need to know about using household products to clean your clothes.

Baking soda and lemon juice

The benefits of baking soda are countless. Not only can baking soda help remove odors, but it can also help fight the toughest stains on clothes including those of oil and grease. Lemon juice, too, is a useful household item which can help freshen clothes and reduce mineral stains.


One of the most common products in every household stain remover list, vinegar is extremely effective in removing stains which just don’t go away. It is also used by countless people for soaking clothes as it is known to boost color and freshness.

Vinegar, however, should never be used in washing machines. Recent studies have shown that the acids in vinegar are very dangerous for hoses and pipes in your washing machine. When vinegar is used too often in washing machines, the hoses and seals are weakened to the extent that they can crumble by a mere touch.


Bleach is another one of the most popular stain removers and household cleaning products used on clothes. Often used as a whitener, bleach effectively removes stains and makes your clothes look fresh and new.

Unless proper precaution is taken, bleach can be dangerous. Not only is bleach corrosive to skin, but it can also irritate the eyes. People may even have problems breathing when bleached is used. Bleach becomes especially hazardous when it comes into contact with ammonia. When ammonia and bleach react, a toxic gas is produced which can even be fatal. Since most detergents these days contain ammonia, using bleach with other products is a bad idea.

Even though household items may be effective in removing minor stains, it is still important to get your clothes professionally dry cleaned every once in a while. If your clothes in New York City need dry cleaning without the damage, contact Lux Dry Cleaning to pick up your clothes from anywhere in the city.

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